Jumbo Churro Bundle: 10-Pack

Regular price $30.00

10 Jumbo Sized Churros. Each churro is 16" long and is safe to eat right out of the box.

Comes precooked, just reheat and roll your churros in some cinnamon-sugar (included). Serve with any of your favorite toppings!

We recommend storing your churros in the freezer to preserve its shape and texture. For best results, shallow fry your churros in a frying pan for 30 seconds on each side. If the churro doesn't fit in your fryer or frying pan, try cutting your churros in half. You can also reheat your churros in an oven (set to 375 degrees) for 8 - 12 minutes, until golden brown and toasted.

Properly packaged churros can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 days, can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks, and can stay frozen indefinitely. 

Churros are delivered fresh and use local delivery. We only deliver churros to addresses in El Paso County and Dona Ana County. Purchases made outside of this zone will be substituted with Churro flavored Kettle Corn.